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Gift Ideas For Hipsters

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You might think that all the hipsters like everything retro and things not widely known to the majority of people. On the other hand, it is not so easy to come up with a present for a hipster. The process of choosing the right gift for your special someone who is into hipster culture might be very exhausting

Things with a humorous or ironic note can be a good idea, but you might consider something more thoughtful. Take a look at our top gift ideas for hipsters and choose something unique and original for your beloved hipster!

For craft beer lovers

We don’t want to generalize. But, all hipsters like craft beer. Period. The homebrewing kit we’ve already mentioned in the article about cool bachelor party gifts for the groom is an extremely original gift. A beer-making kit is a great gift for hipsters who put craft first and prefer their food and beverages made in the artisan way. So, imagine how a hipster + beer drinker would be delighted to get this thoughtful gift! 

The craft beers from small breweries are becoming more and more popular. It means that this hobby could be very profitable in the long run. Besides, it would be great fun for you two to think of the names for your very own craft pale ales.

Before purchasing it, you should know what is supposed to be included in each homebrewing kit. It should have a 5-gallon kettle, a fermenting bucket, and a sanitizer. 

For modern nomads 

The hipsters are always on the run and their style is a fusion of new technologies and retro stuff. Therefore, gadgets would make useful hipster gifts no matter if it is Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, Christmas, or a birthday. 

A portable gadget of the newest generation but with an original design would be a great hipster gift idea. Go pro, wire-free earphones, a wireless speaker in 60s style, a retro game console, analog instant camera, you name it. 

If you are trying to find a gift for the hipster who is totally into cooking, some of the kitchen gadgets would be quite handy.

For rocking the bearded hipster look

Show him that you care for his glorious beard! One of the gifts for hipsters that will certainly be well-received is some of the beard care products. Beard oil, beard balm, beard soap – the list of beard grooming products is quite long. 

Make sure to choose one with a cool scent and made in accordance with eco-friendly, organic, and vegan norms because hipsters find it very important. Whether it is for washing, styling, or growth, your hipster dude will be super happy to receive a sophisticated gift like that.

Gift For Hipsters

For mocking the stereotypes

When you imagine a hipster, you see a tattooed lumberjack bearded man. When you think of a hipster, you visualize him wearing a plaid shirt in a modern adaptation. The key element to hipster style is to take existing trends and subvert them. As you probably know, flannel long-sleeved shirts were also popular in the mid-90s. Nevertheless, hipsters wear them combined with different accessories and in a tighter fit compared to grunge fans. 

Vintage and always in, a plaid shirt is every hipster’s favorite piece of clothing that is almost considered a hipsters’ uniform. So, this would be funny to use the stereotypical item and make it into a gift for your hipster friend/boyfriend. One thing is for sure – he will be thinking about you every time he wears it and those occasions will happen almost every day!

For collectors of albums no one’s heard of

Hipsters are the ones to be credited for bringing vinyl records back in the game. It could even be said that the hipsters are the ones who saved the vinyl.

It might sound like a cliche, but your hipster (boy)friend will be delighted if you get him an obscure vinyl as a gift. We recommend digging through alternative and indie playlists on some of the online streaming music services first. You will certainly find a band he might like and then go to the record store already knowing what you are searching for.

Hope we helped you with some hipster gift ideas. A person that lives a lifestyle beyond understanding deserves a cool gift that will celebrate his individuality. Show him that you know him very well. Keep away from anything common and boring, and respect his fashion style, choice in music, food, and drinks. Let this gift speak about his creativity and uniqueness.


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