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Can You Vape Indoors?

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There are a lot of misconceptions about vaping, especially when it comes to vaping indoors. You’ve certainly heard some unverified rumours about vaping in public indoor spaces and vaping at home. That’s why we tried to give you some clear explanations for certain doubts that the majority of people have. 

Firstly, is it safe? Secondly, is it legal? And last but not least – is it socially acceptable to vape indoors? If you are trying to figure out whether you can vape indoors and under which conditions – you came to the right place. In this blog post, we have also clarified the consequences of vaping for your health. We’ve also demystified its impact on the well-being of people around you who constantly inhale the vapour produced by your vape pen. 

Vaping inside the house

Your house – your rules, but have you ever asked yourself, ”Does vaping have a negative impact on the air and the interior of my home?” Can vaping indoors cause damage? Does it affect indoor air quality? No matter if you are the owner or the tenant, these are the issues that should be considered. Home should be a place where you create a fresh, clean, safe and healthy environment for you and your family. 

Some studies show that there is no evidence that vaping significantly pollutes the air. On the other hand, vaping indoors definitely creates odours. Those smells are absorbed by walls, curtains, and furniture. Therefore, it might devalue your home. The residue might not be visible, but it might negatively affect the resale value of your house. After longer periods of vaping inside, certain surfaces might become oily. 

What is worse, people with respiratory problems and allergies can feel sick due to secondhand vaping. Vaping around kids might put their health at risk. So, the next time you reach for your e-cigarette, be aware that vaping is not all about your pleasure. It is known that most e-juices contain nicotine and other harmful substances. Apart from that, scientists are still learning about the long-term health effects of e-cigarettes. 

Vape Indoors

Vaping at public indoor spaces

There’s almost no doubt that electronic cigarettes expose you to fewer toxic chemicals than traditional ones. So, if the vapour is not as same as smoke why can’t you vape inside? 

We don’t even have to underline that vaping in hospitals is not acceptable and definitely not allowed. But what about other public places? Areas, where vaping is prohibited, include healthcare facilities, state buildings, school campuses, educational buildings, child care facilities, and restaurants. Many governments actually haven’t marked clearly these facilities as vape-free spaces. However, it is assumed that ‘No smoking’ signs do apply to vaping as well in the abovementioned areas.

When it comes to vaping in public indoor spaces, regulations and unwritten customs may vary from country to country. Speaking of possession and importation, the prohibition of vaping is most common in Asia, the Middle East, and South America. While on the subject, the most famous ban belongs to Australia. Australians are actually limited by the quantity of imported nicotine-containing vape liquid for personal use. Vaping is legal in all countries in Europe, but do inform yourself about particular local customs. It is not always easy to track all the changes in vaping laws. Additionally, there are even some countries that do not regulate vaping at all.

Can you vape indoors in pubs and restaurants? Stick to the simple rule – just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it is the right thing to do. If smoking is not allowed, it is not alright to vape either. 

Vaping at workplace

Whether vaping in the office is allowed or not depends solely on the employer. We must point out that vaping at the workplace is not against the law. Despite that, it doesn’t mean employers can’t stop employees from using e-cigarettes. Permission or prohibition is based on what employers think is best for their business. So, it is up to them to set up their own rules.

Vaping on public transport

Can you vape on a train, on a bus, or subway? Many companies don’t issue on-the-spot fines. Staff usually just ask you to stop vaping or leave the vehicle or station platform instead. Nevertheless, there are rare cases when people got fined for vaping. 

As we already elaborated in one of our previous articles, vaping on the plane is against the law. Bear in mind that you can even get a lifetime ban from the airline company. Moreover, you may face some serious legal consequences if you get caught.

Vape Indoors

Legal? Yes. Acceptable? No.

The reason why smokers turn to vaping is not only because it poses less damage to their health. They switch to vaping for more freedom and convenience. Vaping is not prohibited in some indoor public spaces where smoking is. Nevertheless, it is not polite to make visible vapour clouds around people who are having dinner. It is considered rude to exhale vapour in indoor spaces that have certain cultural significance. Those are the places where unwritten etiquette and manners should be respected. 

Is it legal to vape indoors and is it OK to vape indoors are two different sides of the same coin. You should take care not to disturb other people who don’t smoke or vape.  Even if the rules about vaping are not visually displayed, show some respect for the institution you’re in. Do not confuse small children who cannot tell the difference between smoking and vaping. In addition, do not trigger ex-smokers by puffing around.


To conclude, no matter if it is explicitly forbidden or not, it’s not cool to vape in certain indoor spaces. There are a number of places like that; for instance temples, churches, galleries, government buildings, libraries, theatres, etc. Also, take your vape pen outside the restaurant and enjoy making vape Os. Do it without bothering people who would simply like to enjoy their meal without either smoke or vapour.


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